Buffalo fish/Ictiobus (Catostomidae)

Buffalo fish/Ictiobus (Catostomidae)

Ictiobus is a genus of freshwater fish known as buffalo fish. It is sometimes mistaken for carp because of its flat face and large, silver scales running along the body, though it lacks the whisker-like mouth appendages common to carp. Inhabits main channels, pools and backwaters of small to large rivers. Also occurs in lakes and impoundments. Oviparous. Found in Gazetteer  North America: Hudson Bay, lower Great Lakes and Mississippi River basins from Ontario to Saskatchewan in Canada and from Montana south to Louisiana in the USA.

Buffalo fish live in most types of freshwater bodies where panfish are found, such as ponds, creeks, rivers, and lakes.

From a fishermen's point of view, however, the buffalo fish is not a popular game fish because it is difficult to catch. Yet, once on the line, it can put up a good fight.

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